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Pure Canary Island’s aloe vera for your beard and skin

aloe vera
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Aloe Vera contains 20 of the 22 essential amino acids that are required by the human body.

It is a very popular medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years and is known for its use as a treatment for skin wounds such as burns, sores and ulcers. In addition, it also has many other therapeutic properties.

It also contains salicylic acid, which fights inflammation and bacteria. Amino acids that supply nutrients and vitamins that nourish the skin, hair and nails. This regenerates connective tissues, the skin remains soft and elastic, the nails resistant and the hair strong and beautiful.

Great vitamin content

This product contains numerous vitamins (A, C, B12, E and more). In addition, it has many other nutritional properties such as calcium, zinc and magnesium.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Taken internally it has anti-inflammatory properties that help to alleviate all types of muscle pain, osteoarthritis and even arthritis.


Effective treatment of burns and wounds due to its healing power, able to   regenerate skin cells. As for burns, it is especially effective with first and second degree burns.


As if that were not enough, aloe vera is also able to prevent acne thanks to its antibacterial properties.


Another way to use aloe vera is to apply it directly to the skin. Thanks to its vitamins and minerals, your skin will become totally hydrated.

Fights ageing

Used on a regular basis, aloe vera is able to improve the elasticity of the skin helping to prevent wrinkles.

Shaving is the quintessential grooming ritual for men’s skin.

Men’s skin is clearly distinguished from women’s due to its upper thickness (24%), considerable segregation of the hydrolipic and enduring film, as well as a greater degree of elasticity and firmness.

Frequent shaving involves constant stress that damages the most superficial layer of the skin. This causes a check-in against various external agents, whether cold, sun or air. That’s why a man   needs particular facial care   to help regenerate and heal the skin, whether before or after   shaving.

Aloe vera becomes the best ally for the recovery of male skin after shaving. Thanks to the combination of a set of natural properties, the plant gel becomes a powerful moisturiser, regenerating and soothing of the epidermis.

Our laboratories have created serum/ shaving gel and Conditioner for skin care, beard and moustache care.

A product from organic farming and not tested on animals, it is unique in the market for its 98% purity of Aloe Vera that will bring hydration and luminosity to the skin and beard, while regenerating and moisturising both. Non-greasy touch, rapid absorption and rich in vitamins A,B,C and mineral salts: iron, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, trace elements and amino acids.

What are the properties of our 98% Pure Aloe Vera Serum from AVPlus Barber?

Today there are more than 250 varieties of Aloe, of which only three or four are valid for healing or medicinal use.

The richest in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes is Aloe Barbadensis. If you ask what the answer is here:

  • It has a high content of saponins, which penetrate the pores and remove dirt from the inside out.
  • Saponins also have antiseptic properties that help reduce the chances of infection or sepsis.
  • Our pure 98% Aloe Vera serum relieves the symptoms of sensitive, flaky or red skin thanks to the phytosterols found in it.
  • This is because pure Aloe Vera helps quickly eliminate dead cells and stimulates healthy skin growth.
  • Its richness in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium and copper helps the skin become intensely nourished.
  • Its components have been shown to relieve pain by blocking pain receptors in nerve endings after shaving.

Use our pure 98% Aloe Vera Serum for the skin, for healthier, hydrated and radiant skin. 


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