Which beard or moustache will suit you best?

The beard is here to stay and has become your perfect ally to attract or keep that girl or guy or to cause a sensation in a job interview. It is an easy way to add a bit of rugged masculinity and look more attractive. 

But which style should you go for? Check our handy list for some options:

It is still always good to get some objective advice, and for that we recommend a trusted barber. 

Once you’ve chosen, grown and styled your beard, you will need to take some minimal steps to take care of it to keep it soft, and shiny and nourish the skin underneath so it’s moisturised and there’s no flakiness.

  1. Wash your beard with our special beard shampoo with aloe vera, bergamot and eucalyptus oil
  2. Apply our 98% aloe vera serum for beard and skin health
  3. Rub in a few drops of  one of our beard oils for some additional softness and shininess and a lovely smell

This routine can be done daily for maximum benefits or less frequently if you’re too busy for a small daily pamper.


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