Don’t you still know our Serum / Shave Gel and Aloe Conditioner?

Our laboratories have created the Serum / Shaving Gel and Conditioner for the personal care of the skin, beard and moustache. A product from organic farming and not tested with animals, unique in the market for its purity (98% Aloe Vera) that will provide hydration and radiance to the skin and beard, while regenerating and moisturizes both. Non-greasy touch, fast absorption and rich in vitamins A, B, C and mineral salts: iron, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, trace elements and amino acids.

Helpful tips:

For daily shaving

Apply the Aloe Vera Serum on the moistened beard and shave directly on the beard. By not containing parabens or alcohol, it avoids the aggressions produced by the knife or blade, calming and regenerating the shaved area and avoiding the redness and tightness produced by the blade.

To condition the beard

Apply to the dry beard and then massage the entire beard with your fingers in order to let the Aloe Serum to penetrate into the hair root and gets the skin also hydrated. Remember that one of the properties of Aloe Vera is that it is a great antiseptic, so applying a small amount each day will keep your beard cleaner and without itching.

If you have thought that the time has come to buy a moisturizer to avoid the first signs of age, we recommend you to apply a small amount of this serum all over your face. Thanks to the mineral salts, vitamins and amino acids of Aloe Vera, the skin regenerates and its luminosity and elasticity returns.

After shave
Do not hesitate after each shave to massage the shaved area to avoid redness and tightness in the skin. Remember it does not contain alcohol or parabens. In summer time, we recommend that you keep it in the fridge to have a greater sensation of freshness.

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